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HDPE Environmental Water Supply Pipe Series

HDPE Environmental Water Supply Pipe Series

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  Product Overview
  HDPE water supply pipe is a new product made of high quality polyethylene resin as a main material. It is widely used in municipal water supply, drainage, petrochemical, mining, irrigation, sewage and other pipeline projects. "Ya Hong" brand HDPE pipes are made from high quality raw materials both at home and abroad. It is produced strictly according to the national standard, and has been checked completely by the national plastic products supervision and inspection center to meet the national standard requirements.
  Product Advantage
  Reliable connection
  The polyethylene pipe system is connected by electric melting method, and the strength of the joint is higher than the strength of the pipe body. Polyethylene pipe and other pipeline adopt flange connection. It is convenient and quick.     
  The brittlement temperature of polyethylene is very low, and it can be used safely from  -60℃ to 60℃. In winter, because of good impact resistance, the pipe brittle fracture will not happen.
  Excellent resistance to stress cracking
  HDPE has the advantages of low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent scratch resistance, and it is resistant to environmental stress cracking.
  Excellent chemical resistance
  HDPE pipeline corrosion resistant variety of chemical medium, the presence of soil chemical substances will not produce any degradation effect on pipeline.
  Aging resistance and long service life
  Polyethylene pipes with uniform distribution of carbon black with 2-2.5% can be stored outside the open air for 50 years and will not be damaged by ultraviolet radiation. 
  Good wear resistance
  The abrasion resistance test of HDPE pipe and steel pipe shows that the wear resistance of HDPE pipe is 4 times of that of steel pipe. The HDPE pipeline has better wear resistance, which means that the HDPE pipeline has longer service life and better economic performance.
  Good winding property
  It is easy to make HDPE pipe bending. In engineering, the obstacle can be passed by changing the direction of the pipeline. On many occasions, The flexibility of the pipeline can reduce the amount of pipe fittings and reduce installation costs.
  The flow resistance is small
  The HDPE pipe has a smooth inner surface with a Manning coefficient of 0.009. The smooth surface and non adhesion ensure that the HDPE pipeline has higher conveying capacity than the traditional pipe. but also reduce the pipeline pressure loss and water consumption. At the same time, the pressure loss and water delivery energy consumption of pipeline are reduced.
  Easy to transport
  HDPE pipes are lighter than concrete pipes, galvanized pipes and steel pipes. They are easy to carry and install, and have lower manpower and equipment requirements, which means that the cost of installation is greatly reduced.
  Diversification of construction methods
  HDPE pipeline has a variety of construction technology, in addition to the traditional excavation method can be used in the construction, it can also use a variety of new trenchless technology, such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, pipe repair, cracking pipe and other ways of construction. This is the only choice for some sites that are not allowed to dig, so the application of HDPE pipeline is more extensive.
  HDPE pipe connection
  The connection of HDPE water supply pipeline can be divided into hot melt connection (hot melt socket connection, hot melt butt joint) and flange connection (used when connecting with metal pipe).
  When dn≤63, the hot melt socket connection or fused connection is used.
  When dn≥75,hot melt butt welding or electrofusion welding should be adopted. In order to achieve the welding effect, the welding process must be well controlled and the welding parameters should be met.
  Pipe connection: PE water supply pipe can be connected with injection molding pipe fittings, welding pipe fittings, steel plastic transition joint or other mechanical pipe fittings.
  Flange connections: normally flanged connections is used for the connection of PE pipes and valves or pipes and fittings with other materials.
  Hot melt socket connection
  Hot melt socket connection should use quality reliable hot-melt tools. Portable hot melt tool is suitable for pipes that DN is less than 63mm. hot-melt desktop machine is suitable for pipes that DN is more than 63mm. 
  Hot melt butt joint:
  Fixed: Use the support to ensure that the two pipes are fixed on the welding machine at the same level
  Counterpart: Adjust concentricity, use fixture to correct pipe roundness, and keep enough welding distance.
  Milling: Mill enough thickness to make the welding section clear and parallel. Ensure that the butt joint is less than 0.3mm, the error margin is less than 10% of the thickness of the welding wall. The milling section must be re-assembled when the fixture is re-installed.
  Drag force measurement: The drag pressure must be measured and recorded each time the welding is done.
  Flange connection or transition pipe fittings connection
  Flange connection is mainly used for polyethylene pipe and metal pipe or valve, flowmeter, pressure gauge and other ancillary equipment connection. Flange connections are mainly made of polyethylene flange fittings, steel or aluminum back pressure looper flanges, steel or aluminum flanges, gaskets or seals, bolts, nuts. In order to achieve the objective connection,the flange and the flange plate are in close contact. 
  Heating and pressure flanging: Place heating plate and adjust welding pressure. When the curling height of the circle around the welding plate on the heating plate reaches the specified value, the pressure is stopped.
  Depressurization endothermic: Reduce the pressure to the drive. Under the condition that the heating plate and the welding end are closely combined, the heat absorption is started.
  Taking out the heating plate: when the heat absorption time is reached, the heating plate and the tube are separated quickly, and the heating plate is drawn out as soon as possible
  Pressurized docking:  Fit the welding surface Immediately,  increase the pressure to the welding pressure rapidly, forbid the high voltage collision.
  Cooling: cooling under pressure.
  Clamp and clean the mark
  Adjust and trim the pipe mouth
  The heating plate heat
  Pressure butt joint
  Keep pressure cool setting 
  Weld molding
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