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PP-R water supply pipe series

PP-R water supply pipe series

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  Product Overview
  PP-R pipeline is a new type of water supply pipeline system, which has the advantages of good heat resistance, long service life, good corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, small pipe resistance, firm connection and low price, so it is the most ideal home water supply pipeline in the world.In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the application rate is more than 60%, the application rate in China is more than 90%. At the same time, it brings healthy water source for all users with excellent sanitary performance. According to authoritative data, the aging period of this composite material is more than 50 years, and it is qualified by the national chemical building materials testing center.
  PP-R pipe has the characteristics of good rigidity, high strength, good stress cracking resistance and low creep. It is one of the most commonly used plastic pipes with medium density. It has excellent chemical stability and sanitary properties, and can transport various fluids below 95℃. Pipe length is generally 4 meters, can also be customized according to user requirements.
  Product usages
  Pipes for hot and cold water in housing construction
  Pipes for purifying water and pure water
  Pipes for hot water circulation and heat supply
  Pipes for conveying water in food factory
  Pipes for conveying water in drink factory
  Pipes for conveying water in medicine factory
  Pipes for industrial hot and cold water delivery
  Central air conditioning condensate transportation
  Tap water piping                                    
  Gas pipe
  Pipes for water treatment                                   
  Pipes for compressing air 
  In the process of transportation, the pipe can not be scratched, thrown, struck violently, contaminated by oil and chemicals.The pipe material should be stored in the warehouse which is far away from the heat source, oil pollution and chemical pollution, and has good ground and well ventilated. If the stack is outdoors, cover should be added. The pipe shall be stacked horizontally and the height of stacking shall not exceed 1.5 meters. The storage date shall not exceed one year until the date of production. 
  Corrosion resistance, no scaling
  PP-R pipe has good corrosion resistance, no scale, no rust, can prevent pipeline scaling after washing basin, bath macular rust.
  Non-toxic and hygienic
  PP-R pipe is strictly tested by the state authority, safe, sanitary, non-toxic, not breeding bacteria, fully meet the requirements of the national drinking water standards, can be applied to drinking water and food industry pipeline system.
  Large mechanical strength
  PP-R pipe has good toughness, impact resistance and mechanical strength, especially in low temperature and high temperature environment.
  The inner wall is smooth and the flow resistance is small
  The inner wall of PP-R pipe is smooth, the flow resistance is small, the pressure loss is small, the flow rate is large, and the flow velocity is fast. Compared with the same diameter metal pipe, the flow rate can be increased by more than 30%.
  High temperature resistance and good thermal insulation property
  PP-R pipe softening temperature is 131.5 degrees, under the allowable long-term continuous working pressure, the water temperature can be up to 90 degrees . The product has excellent thermal insulation function, and the thermal conductivity is 1/200 of the metal tube, which reduces the heat energy loss in the process of hot water transportation.
  Light weight, easy installation and reliability
  PP-R pipe quality is very light, the specific gravity is only 1/8 of metal tube, easy to carry, hot melt connection, easy to install, fast, safe and reliable, never leakage, low construction cost.
  Long service life and beautiful appearance
  PP-R pipe has long service life. Under normal conditions, the service life can be more than 50 years. The pipe product is soft in color and beautiful in appearance, and can be used in both interior and interior decoration.
  Construction method of PP-R pipes and pipe fittings
  Shear pipes:
  Measure the desired length and mark it, then cut it along the vertical horizontal center with a special scissors. The surface of pipes and joints shall be removed burrs, and kept clean, dry and free of oil pollution.  
  Insert depth to mark :
  Mark the tube into the depth and insert it fully into the hot melt machine.  
  Heating pipes and fittings:
  According to the hot melting time, the pipe fittings are pulled out quickly after heating, then ready for hot melt connection.
  Hot melt connection
  The pipes shall be uniformly inserted into the pipe fittings along the horizontal direction, and the joints just welded shall be corrected during the specified insertion time, but to prevent water leakage, the rotation shall not be allowed.
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