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  Product Overview
  PE-RT pipe is a high temperature pipeline system, which is made of polyethylene as the main raw material, according to CJT175 - 2002.  The raw material has a unique molecular structure, and it is mainly linear ethylene chain, with controllable branches, so it has good water pressure resistance.  Its softness is particularly good, thus it is easy to bend in construction and will not deform.  Because of its low temperature impact resistance, safety and health, hot melt connection, reliable interface, never leakage, it is the ideal tube floor heating pipe.
  Outstanding resistance to high temperature and pressure.  
  High resistance to slow crack growth and stress cracking resistance.  
  Excellent low temperature impact resistance.  
  Outstanding processing performance.  
  A convenient and reliable way of connecting.
  Scope of application
  Public buildings: factories, hospitals, office buildings, libraries, shopping malls, airports, apartments, villas, clubs, stations, etc. 
  Sports facilities: swimming pool, gymnasium, fitness club, etc.
  Agriculture and forestry fisheries: fish fry ponds, greenhouses, greenhouses, botanical gardens, etc. 
  Light weight, easy installation and reliable:
  PE-RT pipe is very light quality, and the specific gravity is only 1 / 8 of the metal tube, easy to move, also can be hot melt connection, no water leakage. 
  With good flexibility: 
  The bending radius can be as small as five times of the outside diameter of the pipeline, and it is convenient for the economy when laying. In the construction, the pipe can be used to reduce the amount of pipe fittings and reduce the construction cost by means of coil and bending.
  Bending not: 
  When the pipe is bent, the stress in the bending part can be relaxed quickly, and no rebound phenomenon occurs, which is convenient for construction operation, so as to avoid the rupture of the pipeline in the bend due to stress concentration in the process of use.
  Good resistance to low temperature performance: 
  PE-RT has low brittle fracture temperature, excellent low temperature resistance, so it can be used to warm the construction in winter, and there is no need to heat when bending the pipe.
  Safe sanitation, low flow resistance, environmental protection and low carbon: 
  PE-RT pipe is non - toxic, tasteless, no pollution, and is a green environmental protection pipe. Health indicators are in line with national standards. The internal and external wall is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, and relatively large flow of other with pipes. The pipe can be recycled and used without polluting the environment.
  Corrosion resistance and impact resistance:
  Good chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance, low temperature brittleness temperature can reach - 40 ℃, low temperature impact resistance is good, in the case of ultra low temperature construction, the pipe will not be affected by the impact rupture. 
  Long service life Under the condition of the use of low temperature hot water floor heating, the pipeline can be safely used for at least 50 years.
  Good heat dissipation: 
  The heat transfer performance of PE-RT is good, and the thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.4w / m k in heating application which can improve the heat transfer efficiency and save a lot of energy.
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