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Mpp electric pipe series

Mpp electric pipe series

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  Product Overview
  Mpp uses modified polypropylene as the main raw materials. It is not required to dig mud, dig soil and destroy the road surface, laying pipelines, cables and other construction projects in special areas such as roads, railways, buildings and riverbed.  Compared with the traditional " trenching method ", the trenchless electric pipe engineering is more suitable to the current environmental protection requirements.  To remove the dust and traffic jams caused by the traditional construction, the technology can also lay pipelines in areas where excavation work can not be carried out, such as historic sites, downtown areas, crop and farmland protection areas, highways, rivers, etc.  
  The common specification of the pipe is 110 mm - 250 mm in diameter, divided into common type and strengthening type.  The common type shall be applicable to the excavation and construction of excavation and the construction of trenchless crossing construction with depth less than 4m;  The reinforcement type shall be applicable to the project with trenchless construction depth greater than 4m.  The product has achieved good social and economic benefits through the testing of national chemical building materials testing center.
  Scope of application
  Can be widely used in municipal, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, thermal and other pipeline projects.  
  The urban and rural  horizontal directional not-drilling of electric power pipeline engineering and the Ming excavation electric power pipeline project.  
  Urban and rural Fei horizontal directional drilling into drainage drainage pipe project, industrial waste water discharge project.  
  Performance characteristics
  The MPP tube has excellent electrical insulation.  
  The MPP tube has high thermal deformation temperature and low temperature impact performance.  
  The tensile and compressive properties of MPP pipe are higher than that of HDPE.  
  Mpp pipe is light, smooth, friction resistance small, hot melt butt welding.  
  The long-term use temperature of MPP tube is - 5 ~ 70 ℃.  
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