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Cpvc electric pipe series

Cpvc electric pipe series

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  Product Overview
  The electric power pipe is the product of the modified polyethylene for hot dipping or epoxy resin coating, which has the characteristics of high strength, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, good insulation performance, no pollution, easy aging, light quality, easy construction and so on.  Its various performance indicators have reached or exceeded the domestic level of similar products through national and provincial level detection and authentication. It has excellent corrosion resistance.  At the same time, the coating itself has good electrical insulation, and will not produce erosion.  Low water absorption, high mechanical strength, small friction coefficient, can achieve the purpose of long-term use.  It can also effectively prevent the damage of plant root and soil environmental stress.  
  The product is easy to connect and  maintain.
  Scope of application
  Widely used in urban power grid construction and transformation;  Urban renewal project;  Civil aviation airport project construction;  Construction of engineering park and plot;  Traffic, road and bridge engineering construction;  City street lamp cable laying, and starting to guide and protect the role.  
  Light weight, easy installation and reliable:
  The CPVC electric pipe has light weight, high strength and simple construction method, which can be used in night excavation, backfilled pavement, and can be open to traffic during the day.  Elastic sealing rubber ring socket connection, installation and connection is convenient and fast, the connection sealing performance is good, can prevent groundwater leakage, effectively protect the use of power cable safety.  
  The construction is convenient and has significant economic benefits:
  Cpvc high pressure power pipe is composed of joint, waterproof sealing ring, bracket and other components.  The design is reasonable and the construction is convenient, no concrete protective layer is needed.  The scaffold uses a combination link, shortens the construction period, no radioactive carcinogens, and has significant economic and social benefits.  
  Excellent corrosion resistance
  Cpvc acid, alkali, salt and other chemical solvents corrosion, oil also does not crack.  
  High strength, flame retardant, smoke suppression, heat resistance, long service life:
  The CPVC high pressure power tube completely overcomes the shortcomings of the common PVC pipe tolerance. The strength can replace steel pipe and overcome the corrosion of steel pipe and the phenomenon that the temperature of single-core cable is too high due to the formation of closed magnetic circuit;The flame retardant grade of CPVC pipes is Fv - 0, which cannot be burned and is put out from the fire.Oxygen index ≥ 40 %, basic heat transfer, linear expansion coefficient is 6.3 .. ℃, Vicat softening temperature ≥ 93 ℃, can be used at 105 ℃ temperature, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, service life can be more than 50 years.  
  The performance price ratio is superior:
  The CPVC pipe is slightly lower than the similar cement pressure pipe, 20 % lower than the similar steel pipe, and the comprehensive cost can be reduced by 15 %.  
  Installation guide
  Installation of pipe laying for CPVC electric pipe
  The standard length of the electric power sleeve ( 6 meters ) shall be paid for the pipe pillow 3, the spacing of the pipe sleeper shall be 2.0 m, and the pipe sleeper distance joint shall be 0.5m.  
  The tube under the electric power jacket may be carried out manually, and the pipe shall be passed to the bottom construction personnel by the ground personnel.  It is strictly prohibited to extend the pipe to the side of the groove.  
  The adjustment of the length of the electric sheath tube may be cut by the mechanical tool, the cut shall be perpendicular to the axis of the pipe and shall be smooth and smooth.  
  Cpvc electrical protective tube connections
  The power sheath pipe connection shall be connected by socket or interface.  
  The surface of the connecting surface of the electric power jacket shall be marked with the insertion length. after the pipe is inserted into the mouthing, it is necessary to confirm whether the insertion mark is accurate in place.  
  Before connecting the electric power sheath pipe, clean the dirt or other attachments of the external and rubber ring of the pipe socket to facilitate the connection and prevent the leakage.  
  Backfill soil
  Trench covering soil shall be carried out after acceptance of pipeline concealed works.  The earth fill shall be timely, and the loss caused by excessive exposure time of the pipeline shall be prevented. 
  The CPVC electric sheath must be backfilled with soft soil around the tube.  
  The backfilling soil shall be filled into the ditch manually, and mechanical backfilling is strictly prohibited.  
  The quality of backfilling soil must meet the requirements of the compactness specified in the design.
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