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  Advantages of pipe fittings
  Besides the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance and non - scaling which the general plastic pipe fittings have, the pipe fittings have more streamlined and beautiful surface decoration, and makes up for the single, rough and design defects of other materials.  The pipe fittings also have the advantages of good sanitation, heat resistance, long service life, and low thermal conductivity, energy saving, easy installation, and it is a real green environmental protection material.  
  Strong antibacterial, no rust, lasting effect, self - cleaning in the tube.  
  Sanitary, non - toxic, heat - resistant, corrosion - resistant, non - scaling, never leakage.  
  Health and environmental protection, heat preservation and energy saving, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance.  
  Large flow, low noise, light weight, convenient transportation and installation, hot melt connecting pipes, low construction cost.
  Strong resistance light,  obvious oxygen resistance effect, prevent moss.  
  Effectively extend the service life of metal valves, switches, distribution manifold and other metal parts in the pipeline system.  
  Stable quality, durable performance, aging resistance, long life, and can be used more than 50 years.  
  Excellent tensile, creep resistance, high temperature resistance, small expansion coefficient,  not easy to deformation at high temperature.  
  Soft color, beautiful appearance, both indoor and dark clothing can be used.  
  Cold and hot water piping system, pure water and drinking water pipes.  
  Industrial water and chemical substances transport and emissions.  
  Beverage, pharmaceutical production delivery system, compressed air pipes.  
  Solar energy, agricultural irrigation pipes.  
  Heating pipes network, hot water, HVAC and central air conditioning. 
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