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  Product Overview
  PVC-U pipeline uses the health grade polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) resin adding appropriate amount of stabilizer, lubricant, filler, burnish, etc. as the main raw materials, and is molding extruded  through plastic extruder.  Compared with the traditional pipeline,  the PVC-U pipes produced by our company have the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, low flow resistance, energy saving, rapid installation and low cost.
  The pipe has the following connection modes: A、 The rubber ring interface is arranged at one end of the pipe through the automatic belling machine to the bearing mouth with concave channel, and put on the flexible rubber sealing ring.  The other end of the tube witch not flared is put into the sealing ring to complete the connection.  B the glue bonding method is to expand into a smooth opening at one end of the pipe, and the outer surface of one end of the tube without flaring and the inner surface of the expanded opening is coated with special glue, and then the connection is finished in the same strain.  C the flange connection mode is that the connecting end of the pipe is connected with the PVC-U flange and then connected with the screw fastening,  as the connection between the pipe and the traditional pipe, butterfly valve, gate valve, flowmeter, etc.
  There are two kinds of connection ways of water supply pipes:  glue interface and flexible interface.  A、 the glue interface mode is after the socket of the pipe fittings is injected into smooth socket,  the special glue is applied with the pipe to complete the connection through socket.  B、 flexible interface mode, is that the pipe fitting is injection into the bearing mouth with concave channel, and the other with the forced screw cover, put on the forced rubber sealing ring.  When the corresponding pipe is inserted, screw the tight screw cap to complete the connection.  
  Main features
  Light weight, carry and handling facilities: small density, carry, handling, convenient construction.  
  Excellent corrosion resistance: excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance,  suitable for the use of chemical industry.  
  Small fluid resistance :  smooth pipe inner wall , its roughness coefficient is only 0.009,  small fluid resistance, which effectively improves the hydraulic conditions of the pipe network and reduces the operating cost of the system.  
  large mechanical strength: the pipe has good pressure resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength properties.  
  Simple construction: pipeline connection construction is quick and easy, low construction project cost.  
  Low cost: low price, and convenient transportation, construction, long service life, so the overall cost is low.  
  Do not affect water quality: it is proved by dissolution test that the water quality is not affected, and it is suitable for wide application.  
  Product application:
  Indoor water supply and reclaimed water system for civil buildings and industrial buildings.  
  The water supply system of the residential and the plant area.  
  Urban water supply piping system.  
  Water treatment plant pipeline system.  
  Marine aquaculture.  
  Garden irrigation, shaft sinking  engineering and other industrial pipes.
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