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Advanced equipment

  Yahong Plastic--World first-class production equipments.
  The company has a set of world-class extrusion line, and sets up the laboratory and quality inspection  room.The whole process quality control of raw material purchasing, manufacturing and packaging is realized .Yahong Plastic has completed the digital upgrade of production equipment, continuously enhances the core competitiveness of products on hardware, ensures the quality control and accuracy of the key links in the product. It ensures the stability and no difference, making the production system run orderly and efficiently.
  Drying system
  In order to realize the drying treatment of hygroscopic polymers and meet the drying requirements of various special conditions, we adopt advanced dehumidification dryers. Stable humidity and temperature can be maintained for all types of products to ensure sustained and stable performance and first-class product quality.
  Pulverizing system
  In the field of injection molding and extrusion, the use of recycling waste and scrap can greatly save the production cost of logistics management, and solve the environmental problems. Our company uses the grinding machine, using standard scheme, to keep the material characteristics unchanged, to avoid material pollution and moisture absorption. Uniform grinding, no dust, can achieve a high proportion of recycling.
  Temperature-control system
  In order to achieve high quality repeated production and avoid defective products, the mold, extruder screw, calibration instrument, cylinder and other equipment must be kept stable temperature. Our company's production equipment ensures accurate temperature control and efficient plastic conversion. The device has excellent operational stability, can optimize the direct and indirect energy use, thereby reducing energy consumption.
  Cooling system
  In order to make precise cooling of hydraulic oil, extruder and thermoplastic equipment for moulds, injection molding machines and blow molding machines, the cooling function used by our company ensures the optimization of energy consumption. The compressor is equipped with a spiral closed compressor. In winter, the small compressor can reduce the heat gas, so that the condensing heat can be recovered and utilized, so as to effectively make use of the cold air in the environment, and realize a large amount of energy saving.






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